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IT Security Partners to Resell Code Dx Vulnerability Managment System.

IT Security Partners to Resell Code Dx Vulnerability Management System

 NORTHPORT, NY: Code Dx hooks up with IT Security, a Security Consulting and Services Company, to be a new reseller of Code Dx Vulnerability Management System that removes the major barriers in using static source code analysis tools. Code Dx provides software tools that detects, consolidates and normalizes the software vulnerabilities through code analysis; whereas IT Security leverages Code Dx's application security solutions to help its clients secure their applications.

"There is an increased demand for solutions that help secure the software supply chain. Our Software Vulnerability Management System provides security firms, like IT Security with a powerful tool in their arsenal to help them protect their clients' enterprises from potential hackers," says Anita D'Amico, Ph.D., CEO for Code Dx.

A suite of pre-configured, fully integrated, multi-language, open-source static code analysis tools are incorporated in the Vulnerability Management System to locate and fix the probable vulnerabilities. Additionally, it stores the results of commercial tools and manual analysis; associates all outcomes into a single result set automatically; delivering graphical reports that are easy-to-understand.

"Code Dx provides organizations with the ability to view the status of their cybersecurity efforts. With Code Dx, our clients can go above and beyond what they are already doing to identify vulnerabilities. It gives them the ability to leverage multiple tools using the same set of circumstances and isolate vulnerabilities with no additional effort," explains Albert Whale, President and Chief Security Officer for IT Security.

Though designed to address the needs of software developers, security analysts, security auditors and CISOs, the system saves considerable amount of time spent for software testing and reporting. The advanced filtering capability focuses on the highest priority software weaknesses first and sorts the vulnerabilities based on their effectiveness.